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Zoo Adventure Boots

Freerange footwear

Handmade in Portugal by one of the country's finest boot-makers, ZOO boots offer something new and exciting to the performance outdoor boot market.

These gorgeous boots are made from double-weight calf nubuck leather that has been specially treated to take on no more than 15% of its own weight in moisture. The result of this treatment process means that water cannot pass through the material even when kept in water for hours on end.

Zoo boots use an "acquastop" system; a waterproof breathable membrane that is placed between the upper leather and the lining. The membrane allows your foot to breathe but will not allow any moisture in.

The lining is made from a natural wool micro-fleece that creates a very natural warmth inside, even in the coldest conditions.

The heeled sole is made from hard-wearing rubber to ensure comfort, flexibility and very long life.

The fitting is also unique in the respect that most boots require some breaking in when wearing for the first time. With ZOO you get instant comfort from the start mainly due to the excellent shape and inclusion of a removable sports EVA insole.