DeliVita Diavolo Gas Pizza Oven Set

by DeliVita

  • £349.00
Contemporary styled, lightweight, durable portable gas pizza oven. read more
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With the Diavolo Gas Pizza Oven Set you will find cooking on gas is easier, faster and offers more cooking control. Instead of having to set a fire and wait for the wood to do its thing, you can flick open the regulator, fire it up, and you will be cooking within 15 minutes.

The Diavolo gas-powered pizza oven is lightweight and durable, and has been designed to be safely transported so it can be used anywhere that is suitable for outdoor cooking.

Diavolo Gas Pizza Oven Set comprises:
Gas Oven.
Pizza Baking Stone.
Pizza Peel.
Temperature Gun.
Carry Bag/Cover.
Gas Pipe.
Gas Regulator.

LPG Gas not supplied.

The Diavolo gas oven set has everything you need for outdoor cooking. Of course, if like some we know and you are not a pizza fan then the Diavolo is a powerful portable gas oven that can turn out plate after plate of majestic meat, fish, and vegetable dishes.

The Diavolo outdoor gas oven can reach a top temperature of 500°C in just 15 minutes.

The gas attaches at the back of the oven, the temperature can be adjusted using the dial on the top of the oven.

If you need some dough and who doesn't:

Dough to Go

And if that isn't enough it is available in 2 gorgeous colours of rich navy and glorious green.

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