MiniGarage Storage Box

by Biohort

MiniGarage Storage Box

by Biohort

Ideal medium-sized storage for bicycles, garden tools or garden furniture. The MiniGarage is a unique and convenient size for all your outdoor storage needs.

The MiniGarage is customisable with many accessories to help you utilise your storage effectively. The MiniGarage comes with an organiser system fitted to the inside of both doors with 6 hooks.

The MiniGarage comes with a secure 3-way locking with a twist grip cylinder lock. The doors are fitted with a gas assisted spring damper for easy operation. It is rainwater proof, with invisible, integrated ventilation to prevent the build up of damp.


The perfect size for storing bicycles. This idea includes a handy bicycle storage rail that lets you easily slide you bicycle in and out of the MiniGarage, and extendable shelves for the efficient storage of tools. Use a ground screw foundation when installing on soft or uneven ground. Check out further accessories below, where you can customise your MiniGarage even further.

  • MiniGarage Storage Box
    Metallic Silver
  • MiniGarage Shelf System
  • MiniGarage Bicycle Storage Rail

BioHort Colour Options

  1. Metallic Silver
  2. Dark Grey

Biohort uses only the best materials to manufacture its products. For painted parts, hot-dipped galvanized steel plate with a thick protective zinc coating of a least 150 g/m2 and an additional 'enamel coating' of polyamide or polyester are used. The high-quality steel plate supplied by the Austrian and German steelworks are also used by premium German automobile manufacturers.

Please see the Ideas section above for some inspirational finishes combinations for the MiniGarage Storage Box. Alternatively, drop us an email at or call us on 0345 605 2505 for advice on putting together your MiniGarage set.

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  • MiniGarage Storage Box

    Small Size With Big Benefits



  • BioHort Floor frame for Europa, Equipment Locker & MiniGarage

    Floor frames for a solid foundation

    £129.00 - £279.00

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    £109.00 - £989.00

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    The Perfect Foundation for Uneven Ground

    £709.00 - £3,019.00

  • MiniGarage Shelf System

    Efficient and impressive storage solutions


  • MiniGarage Bicycle Storage Rail

    Space-efficient bike storage


  • BioHort Electrical Mounting Panels

    Power up your BioHort


  • BioHort LED Lamp

    Light up your shed


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