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It's shopping - but not as we know it! This Christmas we're doing things a little differently in our Nottingham store...

We know many of you have missed seeing our Christmas decor and gifts in situ the last 21 months. And we've missed you! So we’ve devised a way that lets you be inspired by our gorgeous collections that combines in-person guidance, Nottingham shopping and FREE home delivery.

We're calling it... (rather originally) The 12 Days of Christmas.

How will it work?

We’re inviting you to book a personal shopping appointment in store with us on selected days to browse our Christmas collections in person and with not more than one other group in the store at the same time.

Once in store, you simply scan the QR codes found on the displays with your phone camera and click the link to be taken to a special category on our website, which will show all the products featured on the specific display.

Add which products you like to your basket, and once you’re finished you simply checkout as you would an online order by using the free delivery code you will receive on your visit.

We will then pick, pack and deliver your order to your home - perfect for if you don’t want to spend the day lugging your purchases around town.

We understand that this may seem a bit of a faff, but feel it allows you to browse our shop once again, in a Covid safe way for all of us.

All you need to remember is a mask and ideally your phone

Don't wait too long to book though as naturally there is limited booking availability and stock of some items is short.

What if I'm not very tech savvy?

Don't worry, there will be a member of staff to take you around the shop, so if you're not too confident with online ordering or want to focus on the products, we're more than happy to do all the tech side of things.

When are the 12 days?

We are running our 12 Days of Christmas from Thursday 9th December - Thursday 23rd December* so there is plenty of time to book an appointment!

*excludes certain days - see full list of dates below