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What is impact of the pandemic on The Worm that Turned?

We will attempt to keep this information as up to date as possible. This information was last updated on 12th May 2020.


Thankfully, at the time of writing, none of our staff have the virus and therefore from the website customer viewpoint our operations are largely unaffected, although now it is not quite 'business as normal' behind the scenes. All those that can are working from home. Please forgive any barking dogs or excited children in the background if we are speaking to you on the phone. All of our service systems including phones can be accessed remotely, but some of our processes are new, so please bear with our team whilst we get used to them. Our main warehouse is operating normally and staff are able to observe appropriate distancing and without using public transport.

Website Customers

All orders are being processed in the normal fashion although we are currently experiencing exceptional demand which combined with the bank holiday and the need to keep safe, has created a small backlog that we are working through. Your patience at this time is appreciated. Our couriers are all still open and working. They have themselves put in additional measures to assist, including the ability to leave all parcels without signatures. This is being communicated to customers individually at the time as different procedures are in place. If you order is to a business address please ensure it is open and able to take deliveries and let us know if special arrangements exist. There are some restrictions for overseas deliveries to specific postcodes, but again we will attempt to monitor this and advise if any problems.
Clearly if this changes, we will keep you advised. If you have any doubt about your order please email us with your query. We aim to respond to order queries within the same business day but if your query is urgent do not hesitate to call us. All our contact details can be found here.

Shop customers

Following the PM's announcement, our Derby Road shop is closed for personal callers until Wednesday 13th May when it will reopen but strictly on an appointment basis only. These details are currently being finalised and will be posted here shortly. Unfortunately we are not able to safely accommodate more than one family group at a time and due to having to limit our store staff to those not using public transport. Our shop had been open as normal, but from Monday 23rd March operated a new system for personal visitors. On the front door we advised that we were away from the shopfloor temporarily and to call us for access on the telephone number shown. If it was your intention to shop, then you would have been admitted on that basis. Naturally, you were not obliged to purchase, but it was our desire to cut down on casual browsers. Our team would have be able to look after you personally at an appropriate distance and we had limited the number of shoppers in the store at any one time. We were not planning to totally close at any point, unless the entire company was infected, but clearly with the PM's request we cannot even sustain that now. Nonetheless, there will be a Director on the premises on most weekdays and arrangements can be made for outstanding 'click and collect' of essential items safely. Up to date 'opening' times and other ishop information can be found here. We had taken the decision not to open on Sundays now until after Easter, but that will clearly be reviewed regularly and just as soon as it is advised safe to do so we will.


We are in regular contact with our suppliers many of whom operate throughout the world and thus the situation is complex, however at this point few are flagging up any serious difficulties in obtaining supplies although obviously this may change as the pandemic and the world response to it develops. We have good stock levels and the availability of all items is shown on each product page and if the stock is not available there is an estimate of when it will be. Some of our products are supplied from third party warehouses with a slightly longer lead time. Where these warehouse have indicated issues due to the pandemic, we are reflecting this in the 'available from' section and also where this is longer than normal or specific limitations in the 'delivery' section of the product page. We will also contact you on placing your order to confirm this. This does change on a daily basis and of course, it is a guide not a guarantee. As everyone should be aware the situation is changing on a daily basis, but be assured you will get your order in due course. If you have any doubt about the item you are looking at please email us with your query. We aim to respond to order queries within the same business day, but if your query is urgent do not hesitate to call us. All our contact details can be found here.

Do you sell items that can help people through the pandemic?

As a retailer whose mission is to help revitalise your outdoor space we clearly are not in the business of toilet rolls or face masks! (can anyone explain either?) Nonetheless there are actually quite a few items that can assist those having to isolate themselves or reduce their social contacts. We put these items together into a collection here, so please do return to check as new ideas are being added daily.
Of particular use right now are our vegetable and seed collections. With likely shortages of fresh produce from abroad now is the time to be sowing and planting. There may be shortages if demand increases beyond normal though so the advice as ever is to buy now and don't stock pile!

Further information

If you have any query about our operations during this time please email us with your query. We aim to respond to queries within the same business day but if your query is urgent do not hesitate to call us. All our contact details can be found here.

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