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A Guarantee of Quality

Fermob furniture is manufactured using premium-quality materials and undergoes intensive testing in the company’s laboratories to current European standards (NF EN 581-1 and NF EN 581-2). It is designed to last, meeting the highest quality standards and superbly finished, making it ideal for both personal and professional use:

• Specific anti-corrosion treatments for outdoor use, applied at one of the best-performing facilities in Europe as part of a process that is exclusive to Fermob.

• Anti-UV powder coating undergoes AFNOR standardised tests for baking, hardness, resistance to scratching and to rust.

• Outdoor technical fabrics comply with the ISO 9002 quality assurance system, with optional fireproof treatment on request.

• Pads and caps protect bases and frames in contact with the ground and during folding.

• Furniture is subjected to resistance tests, such as the 100,000 x 100-kg blow test on chair seats, equivalent to 47 years of intensive use.

• Quality controls at every stage of the manufacturing process, right through to the packaging and dispatch phases.


All Fermob furniture protected with the 'Very High Protection Treatment' is guaranteed for three years against corrosion and other forms of visible deterioration. The 'Very High Protection Treatment' is applied as standard to all premium products. It can, however, be applied to any Fermob product upon specific request and subject to certain conditions. Please phone us for details of this.

All Fermob furniture protected with the 'High Protection Treatment' is guaranteed for one year against corrosion and other forms of visible deterioration.

• High Protection Treatment = guaranteed for 1 year

• Very High Protection Treatment = guaranteed for 3 years

The Fermob guarantee does not cover the following:
Any damage arising from insufficient care, or from non-compliance with the [care instructions] and advice for receiving, assembling,using, maintaining and storing Fermob furniture.
Rings and stains on table tops not declared on the packaging.
General wear and tear or natural fading of the materials used.
Corrosion originating from scratches or abrasions that result from general wear and tear and which cannot be removed via standard cleaning and maintenance processes.
Minor spots of rust under table tops and seats or on bases. These are a natural outcome of the material used (iron) and can be treated using the maintenance tools provided.
The corrosion of stainless-steel parts due to use in a confined, chlorinated environment.
The corrosion of steel furniture, including stainless-steel, as a result of direct use in seafront.
Any changes in the visual appearance of wood that are directly linked to ageing. As wood is a living material, the appearance of its surface evolves naturally over time.

The Fermob guarantee will be only honoured upon presentation of the proof of purchase, till receipt or purchase invoice for the product concerned. If you feel you have a claim under the Fermob guarantee please let us know as soon as possible and take photographs of the item in question. In most cases, manufacturing defects will appear in the first few weeks of use. Any replacement furniture will have to be made to order and will be subject to a 4/6 week lead times although we may be able to loan you furniture should the defect render the furniture unusable until a replacement arrives.

For all Furniture queries please phone our furniture help line on 0345 6052505. We will be delighted to help you.

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