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We've visited the delightful Fermob factory just outside Lyon in France on a number of occasions for fact finding missions and business meetings with the owners. Despite being a global company Fermob is still essentially a family business with it's workers drawn from a wide rural catchment area close to the wine making areas of the Rhone valley.

As might be expected in a metal factory (the name Fermob come from joining 'Fer' - iron and 'Mob' derived from Mobilier - furniture) it is a fascinating place at times with plenty of mixed sights and sounds from what is still a fairly labour intensive plant. From the twang of hammer on anvil (the 1900 range is beautifully hand made) through the sparks from the automatic welding bays and onto the serenity of the massive powder coating lines, the care that is taken to make each piece of furniture is evident.

The growth of the Fermob brand over the past view years has presented the factory with many challenges. One of Fermob's great strengths is their ability to make a wide range of furniture in a wide range of colours, however, with many items being made to order this means keeping in stock of millions of parts.

This, coupled with the relatively short selling season for outdoor furniture poses many logistical challenges at key times. The lead time we quote in the UK for items not in stock is 4/6 weeks. This can shorten or lengthen at certain times of the year, but it is always best to order well in advance if you are ordering for a specific occasion or date.

For all Furniture queries please phone our furniture help line on 0845 6052505. We will be delighted to help you.

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