What is Fermob Rapide?

During the 2020 season, Fermob are focusing on producing 34 key popular ranges and only 16 colours from 16th May until September 2020. This means that furniture and colours that fall within this group should be available in much shorter lead times than normal.

How will I know if an item or colour is part of Fermob Rapide?

We have created a special category to show these collections, which you can find here. If the product is not shown in this category, it is not available as part of the Rapide selection and therefore has an extended lead time.

You can visit our Fermob Colour Page, where the Rapide colours have been highlighted with a green triangle. On the individual product pages, colours that are not available in the Fermob Rapide selection will show a longer lead time.

We do however carry stock of some items that are not in the Fermob Rapide selection - these will show as "Available Now".

What if I have placed and confirmed a Fermob order before 16th May 2020?

If you have already placed your furniture order this will not be affected. Confirmed orders placed before that time will still be produced in the normal 4-6 week lead-time.