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Fermob Trends - Going Green

May - June 2021

In Fermob’s vast 24 colour palette, 6 colours are dedicated to shades of glorious green, which just goes to show that green is the perfect colour for a harmonious outdoor space.

From soft Willow, to bright Opaline, you can create a dynamic palette that works organically with it’s surroundings.

If you are seeking pared back sophistication, you can go for a tonal colour scheme, perhaps combining a few shades of green.

You can add flair by including a complementary shade such as Acapulco Blue or Clay Grey.

You can bring a touch of nature to your existing colour palette by using green accessories, such as outdoor cushions or colourful lighting.

Accent with...

We love Green with...

One of our most classic combinations is the 1900 Collection with Willow Green, as the traditional design and heritage colour complements each other very well. You can accessories with either Almond Green or Beige cushions.

As for accessories, there are Balad Lamps, Mooon! Lamps and Aplo Lamps available in either Cactus or the complementary shade Acapulco, so no matter your style there’s a lamp to suit. Use more than one style, but in the same colour, to add interest and light up your outdoor space.