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Corten Steel Outdoor Garden Steps

These contemporary corten steel steps are perfect for connecting different levels in your garden in a stylish and elegant way.

Corten steel is low-maintenance with the steel weathering over time to a rusted finish, and the corten finish a perfect foil to garden planting.

Steps are delivered un-rusted (cortenized), this process can take 4-5 months.

Unpack the steps immediately so any moisture between the packing and product is not sealed as this can can cause irregular rust stains as the steps starts to weather.

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Garden Steps Installation Guide

Stairs should always be mounted on a stable foundation and against a solid wall. They must also be level, so no internal tension can arise in the stairs which can result in damage to the product. Then drill holes in the foundation and wall, matching the corresponding holes in the stairs.

Place the stairs on the foundation and against the wall, lining up the holes. Attach the stairs to the foundation and wall using bolts and plugs. A handy tip is to loosely tighten the bolts, then once the stairs are level you can tighten them fully one by one.

After the stairs have been attached to the foundation and wall, you can finish the space with either planting, turf or paving.