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Glatz Easy Parasols

Glatz Parsols - designed to make the world a little brighter with its eyecatching outdoor sunshades.

All Glatz parasols carry a UV Protection rating of 98%+, meaning 98% of the suns harmful rays are filtered out by the fabric. This UV Protection not only benefits our skin, but also the sunshades themselves by preventing colour fading.

The Glatz Easy parasols have an open-air resistance of 40- 80 days after direct solar radiation meaning after this period, the colour would begin to fade.

If your looking for a parasol that would retain its true colour for longer, try the Glatz Classic Parasols or the Glatz Luxury Parasols.

Glatz Easy Parasols - Perfect for your garden or terrace!

How To Choose Your Colour

Glatz Easy Parasols are available in 5 gorgeous colours, so wether you're after bright colours or a more subtle shade, there's bound to be something to suit your taste.

Simply copy and paste the colour name into the colour choice box of your chosen Easy Parasol Product when placing your order.


151 - ASH


654 - KIWI

162 - CHILI