In Stock Furniture - Accessories

It can be hard to see the wood for the trees...

As we all know the ongoing global situation has effected the supply of outdoor furniture, so we have created this handy page to help you easily see what pieces we have in limited stock in our Nottingham warehouse.

Simply click the image to be taken to the product page!

This page is updated manually every morning, so should be an accurate representation, but if you have any questions please do get in touch by either calling us on 0345 605 2505 or you can email us at

Alto Tray - 1x Cotton, 1x Nutmeg

Melle Mimijolie Cocotte Stool - 5x Red Ochre, 3x Anthracite

Aplo Lamp - 11x Nutmeg, 13x Cactus, 13x Honey, 9x Red Ochre, 19x Acapulco Blue, 8x Anthracite
Aplo Bracket - 5x Nutmeg, 3x Cactus, 2x Honey, 8x Red Ochre, 6x Acapulco, 3x Anthracite
Aplo Strap - 3x Nutmeg, 9x Cactus, 7x Honey, 9x Red Ochre, 8x Anthracite

Lighthouse Lanterns - Lava Grey - 4x Extra Small, 5x Small, 3x Large

Cutter Stool - 1x Oak, 4x Teak

2x Cocoon Lanterns

1x Extra Small On the Move - White

Luxembourg Low Tables - 1x Cedar, 2x Cactus, 1x Red Ochre, 1x Ice Mint, 1x Opaline, 1x Acapulco

Nevado Log Holder - 1x Acapulco, 1x Storm Grey, 1x Anthracite

Small Nest Footstool - Lava Grey

Mini Balad Lamps - 5x Red Ochre, 2x Acapulco Blue, 3x Honey, 2x Anthracite, 3x Storm Grey

Medium Balad Lamp - 7x Red Ochre, 4x Honey, 1x Anthracite, 5x Acapulco

Guinguette Side Table - Acapulco

Large Balad Lamp - 8x Acapulco, 7x Red Ochre, 1x Cactus, 6x Verbena, 1x Honey, 1x Anthracite

Mooon 41cm Lamp - NOW 10% OFF - 6x Nutmeg, 2x Red Ochre, 4x Acapulco, 3x Cactus, 2x Anthracite
Mooon 63cm Lamp - 2x Acapulco, 2x Cactus, 1x Storm Grey

Salsa Low Table - Anthracite