In Stock Furniture - Bistro

It can be hard to see the wood for the trees...

As we all know the ongoing global situation has effected the supply of outdoor furniture, so we have created this handy page to help you easily see what pieces we have in limited stock in our Nottingham warehouse.

Simply click the image to be taken to the product page!

This page is updated manually every morning, so should be an accurate representation, but if you have any questions please do get in touch by either calling us on 0345 605 2505 or you can email us at

Bistro Chair - 4x Clay, 6x Cedar, 9x Rosemary, 8x Willow, 6x Frosted Lemon, 5x Honey, 28x Capucine, 11x Poppy, 6x Chilli, 1x Red Ochre, 7x Russet, 6x Storm Grey, 11x Ice Mint, 3x Lagoon, 13x Opaline, 25x Acapulco, 6x Deep Blue, 23x Liquorice

Why not try the following combinations?

37x57cm Table in Willow Green with 2x Cactus Chairs

117cm Table in Ice Mint with 3x Rosemary Chairs and 3x Opaline Chairs

117x77cm Table in Clay Grey with 3x Rosemary Chairs and 3x Cactus Chairs

96cm Table in Deep Blue with 4x Opaline Chairs

Natural Chairs - 1x Capucine, 3x Storm Grey

60cm Tables - 1x Cactus, 1x Willow, 1x Capucine, 1x Storm, 1x Ice Mint, 1x Acapulco, 2x Anthracite

37x57cm Table - 1x Willow Green

77cm Table - 1x Clay Grey, 3x Willow, 1x Capucine, 2x Acapulco Blue

Lorette 77cm Table - 1x Ice Mint
Lorette Folding Chairs - 1x Rosemary

96cm Table - 1x Deep Blue, 1x Willow, 1x Cedar

117cm Table - 1x Ice Mint

117x77cm Table - 2x Cedar Green