Flavour Stick

Perfect for adding mint leaves or borage flowers to summer drinks.

Give water, lemonade or Pimms a delicious flavour just by adding mint leaves, pieces of fruit or cucumber.

Sprigs of mint, basil and other fresh herbs are placed into the spiral element of the Flavour Stick. If you want you can skewer pieces of fruit onto the bottom of the Flavour Stick. The result is a bouquet of scented flavours which can then be placed through the neck of a carafe to give a nice aroma to the water. The carafe shown here is the French Glass Carafe.

While pouring your flavoured water, the Flavour Stick ensures that the sprigs of herbs or fruit neatly stay together.

Perfect for alfresco parties...

Flavour Stick


Size (cm): 34.5×1.5×1.5
Ref: TW-1227
Weight: 40g

Flavour Stick

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Flavour Stick


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