Hello Robin Gift Set

Hello Robin Gift Set (4647934787644)
Keep a beady eye on Robin feeding at your window. read more

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This gift makes a lovely present for an older person, as well as keen wildlife lovers. Position the feeder on to a window using the clear suction pads and the birds can be watched perching on the food tray and feeding.

The bird seed is a perfect accompaniment, it is intensely rich, caloric blend of oil seeds, honey, dried fruit, fish and insects - what more could a Robin ask for?

Use the seed sparingly - you will find a little goes along way - and its also perfect for soft billed birds such as song thrushes, blackbirds and wrens.

The seed bag contains 500gms of high energy mix.

WORM TOP TIPS: Birds will want to get used to a new object in the garden so don't expect instant feeding, but if you are patient the birds will eventually delight you with their close up presence.

Use the seed in the Window feeder tray, as well as on bird tables or the ground but do not use in tubular feeders, as it will block the feeder.

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