Hydropod Heated Propagator with Integrated Lights

Perfect for Dahlia, Geranium, Pelargonium & other plants you want to grow from cuttings read more

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This product is now discontinued, for alternatives, see our propagation & protection collection.

Give cuttings a great start with this Hydropod Cuttings Propagator.

It creates the perfect conditions to produce healthy plants, reliably and quickly.

Simply take your plant cuttings and place them in the sponge discs in the Hydropod, then add water. A constant mist will be sprayed over the base of your cuttings to maintain perfect moisture levels without water-logging.

In the Hydropod propagator cuttings are regularly misted. This mist lowers the leaf temperature which creates a humid atmosphere and reduces the amount of water lost from the leaves. Thus, cuttings are kept moist but without ever becoming water-logged.

Choose from:

Small one to hold 20 cuttings.


Large one to hold 40 cuttings.

The light spectrum creates healthy growth, preventing legginess.

Perfect Watering - sprays a constant mist to maintain moisture without water-logging, preventing root rot and fungal infections.

The Hydropod is soil-less but the unrestricted access to water and oxygen encourages the roots to grow quickly.

The vented lid provides excellent humidity control and retains warmth and moisture, preventing the plants drying out.

There is a 7 day water reservoir so you can go on holiday and not worry about your cuttings.

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