Wildman Gift Set

Wildman Gift Set

Wildman Gift Set

  • £115.00
A gift for someone who is a forager at heart or just wants to get back to primeval basics. read more

Ghillie Kettle; the perfect way to have a brew up, alfresco style

Water Diviners; water; useful for life, essential for tea

Firesteel; makes lighting fires easy in any weather

Maya Dust ; high sap wood shavings for use with the firesteel

Grandpa's Fire Fork; a unique device for holding food over an open flame

Bucket in a Bag; a great foldaway bucket (for carrying the water you find with the diviners)

Wild Food Book; food for free

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Height(cm) 37
Width(cm) 14
Depth(cm) 14
Weight 1.5 kg

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