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  • Concept for Living - November 2009

Concept for Living - November 2009

A house less ordinary - A unique 1960's house hidden away in the suburban streets of York has been extended in a very contemporary way, creating a dramatic mix of retro and modern.

"Simon and Danielle Palmour's sleek 60s home has real character thanks to the warm tones created through furniture pieces and accessories. If you're looking to create a similar timeless home but are not sure where to start, look no further..."

"Garden: Ideal for keeping track of the temperature...adds character to the garden. "

A delightful compact double sided station style clock for your outdoor space. The time shows in arabic numerals on one side and the temperature displayed on the other side of the clock. Made in metal with a rust coloured finish. The size of the clock face is 14cm including the metal casing, the glass measures 12cm.


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