How to choose the perfect gift

Effort. Rewarded.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect gift for a friend you’ve known for years, for your daughter’s new boyfriend or for your true love, if you follow our guidelines below you’ll enjoy giving the gift as much as they will love receiving it!

Make it about them not you

It’s easy to overlook the perfect gift because it isn’t perfect for you!

Focus on the lucky recipients instead - what does she need? What are his hobbies? Study the way she decorates her home, the clothes he wears and the style of her garden. What would they really love?

If he’s eco-conscious and enjoys the outdoors, how about our Sundial, which is actually made from recycled plant pots?

For the gardener who never treats herself - the Precision Secateurs from our Sophie Conran collection are fantastically good quality, practical yet aesthetically pleasing and made for smaller hands - perfect!

You might not be into pink things, but if you know they are, check out our Pink Gifts

If they like doing things but need some protection check out this Artisan Apron.

Make them laugh

It’s often said that the number one attribute people look for in friends and lovers is a good sense of humour. Prove your calibre by choosing the perfect gift to make them laugh! You could take them to a comedy show or buy the latest Peter Kay DVD, but how about making it a bit more personal?

Dog lovers won’t be able to resist these cheeky coat hooks - a fun and practical gift to bring a smile to their face.

Our Cactus Vases are kitsch and cool - perfect for a friend whose quirky style extends to their home.

If you’re buying for an animal and garden lover, it’d be hard to find a present more perfect than our collection of rusty animals. These Rusty Roosters are 100% fox-proof, they won’t make a mess of the garden and they require no feeding and watering - the perfect ‘pet’ for the garden.

Make it last

The perfect gift is one which keeps on giving! Consider their interests and look for something which will delight for months - maybe years - to come.

A magazine or delivery subscription can be an obviously safe choice; but how about thinking outside the box and going for something like our Ultimate Cheese Making Kit? 100% vegetarian and with enough ingredients to make 40 batches of cheese - including mozzarella, paneer, ricotta and halloumi - this is the perfect gift for food lovers, DIYers and those infuriating people who have everything. You could start them off on a new career!

Alternatively, for a wildlife-lover our beautifully crafted Dewdrop Insect & Bee house would prove a popular gift. The insects it attracts will be beneficial for the garden for years to come and the recipient will love the modern design as well as the chance to help wildlife flourish, so close to home.

For a more extravagant gift for a loved one why not a romantic Fermob 1900 bench?

Make it original

Seriously, enough of socks, ties, bubble bath and chocolate! With a little effort and some thought, you can uncover some wonderfully original gifts.

I love one of our most recent additions - this Contemporary Log Store. Practical yet undeniably stylish, it’s a statement piece, suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The ultimate gift for the ‘Fire Master’ (or ‘Mistress’) especially if you combine it with some of our other Log Store items.

For teens, festival goers and those who just love to lounge - the Lamzac the Original is the only choice. The perfect summer accessory, it is available in 6 colours and would look equally at home in a teenager’s bedroom as in a relaxing corner of the garden. It’s so easy to inflate and requires no pump - check out the video

Take care with art or ornaments as taste is very subjective, however we think something from our castings and carvings would offend few and there is a good range of prices to suit many pockets.

Make it personal

People love something that's just for them and we now sell an increasing number of items that you can personalise with a name, address or even a special message. Review our Personalised Garden Gifts and see if there's something for you.

If you opt for a message rather than just the facts, try and make it something that means something to both of you and try out your idea on others close to them.

Alternatively go to the professionals; choose a favourite writer of theirs and pick a meaningful quote. Items designed for the garden lend themselves to poetic quotes and we have plenty of examples around the shop to inspire you.

If you get genuine writers block (as opposed to just being lazy) - give me a call or email and I will try to assist or at the very least set you off in the right direction. There's no guarantee it will hit the mark though, only you know your recipient and think how chuffed you will be to see your words/gift proudly displayed in their house or garden.

Make it a Celebration

Lastly, since it’s a time for celebration you could arrange a surprise party, give tickets to a special event or source a gift which can be used at special occasions now and in the future.

For example, our gorgeous Fire Extinguisher Cocktail Shaker - the perfect gift for party lovers, Tom Cruise wannabes and, well, firefighters!

We've plenty of accessories to help your party go with a swing or indeed gift ideas that will chime with the party vibe and theme them around Weddings, Autumn and Summer Festivals.

We hope that this post has helped you make a start, but we don't have the monopoly on good ideas so please feel free to add your own thoughts and ideas either below or by adding them to our Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest sites using the hashtag #perfectgiftsattheworm especially if you've taken one of our ideas and made it your own.


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