It's National Nest Box Week!

Take a look at our top Nest Boxes for a stylish and bird friendly outdoor space.

You might know today is Valentine's Day (if not…you’re in trouble), but did you know that February 14th also marks the launch of National Nest Box Week?

Now more than ever, our feathered friends need a safe place to breed as their natural nesting sites are quickly disappearing, and we want to make sure your outdoor spaces are kitted out in the most bird-friendly way possible.

So here’s where we ask for your help…we’re encouraging you to put up nesting boxes around your garden to provide a safe place for birds to breed and parents to feed their young.

Take a look at some of our favourite Bird Nesting Boxes below, and they’ll be forever grateful!

1. The Most Stylish Nest Box

Our Copper and Wood Birdhouse is a very stylish nest box for small or large gardens alike. With a super smooth mango wood roof and a copper base, it will easily add a little extra style to your garden, as well as helping our feathered friends.

Use this as a cosy birdhouse, or pop some delicious feed in it for the little ones to find - they’re sure to love the I Love Robins Bird food!

2. The Most Historical Nest Box

Bird pots have been used since the 16th century, and this modern version is made from terracotta in the traditional way. The Small Bird Pot Nester has been thoughtfully designed to keep cool in the summer and warm in the winter, so our garden friends are definitely in for a treat.

There’s quite a bit of history surrounding these little pots - upon their discovery in 1926, Amsterdam archeologists were flummoxed as to what this strange shaped vessel was designed for.

All was revealed in 1940, when a plaque relief was uncovered depicting a jug of a similar shape hung on a wall, reading “In the starling pot” evidently showing the jug was a nesting place for small birds.

It transpires that these little pots were rather popular in sixteenth and seventeenth centuries as they are featured in paintings from renowned artists from this period, and even literature from this time contains references to the starling pot.

3. The Most Sustainable Nest Box

Sustainability has growing importance, so what better way to do your bit for the environment by protecting our precious Robins and Wrens with an eco-friendly Robin Rooster Nester made from natural fibres?

This roosting pocket makes a beautiful little robin house, and we’ve got one perfect for the Tit family too - check out our Small Bird Roosting Nester here.

4. The Best Nest for Robins

Our Green Teapot Nester sure is the Robins top vote!

This quirky ceramic nester can easily be fitted onto a wall or fence to provide a safe, and definitely stylish home for our little feathered friends.

Looking for a gift for a friend? Our Happy Robin Gift set is a lovely way to keep our robins warm and chubby. Complete with the Teapot nester, delicious bird feed and a little tin robin for some extra company.

“A gift for a Robin mad friend, I'm sure she will like it as much as the Robins” Trusted Customer, 2019.

5. Best Nest for the Finches & Tit Family

In soft green, with a natural cedar shingle roof, the New England nest box is both stylish and practical for our smallest of friends.

The nester is sure to be appreciated by some of our favourite garden birds such as blue tits, great tits, and finches.

Take a look at all of our gorgeous Nest Boxes here >>>>>


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