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Life Lessons from The Repair Shop

Tune in yourself on Wednesday nights at 8pm BBC1!

Here at The Worm that Turned, BBC Repair Shop has quickly become one of our favourite and most inspiring TV shows of this long and somewhat different year.

And not just for us it seems, as millions of viewers are tuning in too, whether it's lockdown comfort or just the admiration of seemingly lost skills, there is something for everyone.

For those of you who are still in the dark; each episode features members of the public who bring in an old item for repair. Typically the items carry a back-story (where would TV be without back-story?) and a reason for repair beyond monetary value. A team of craftsmen and women then set about lovingly repairing the item before the final 'reveal'; giving it back to the owner who invariably is genuinely moved. Cue tears all round.

It got us thinking about what this might teach us about the stuff we all own....

1. Objects carry stories

Behind each item brought into to "The Repair Shop" is a fascinating story. Invariably the story held by the item is significantly greater than the object itself and typically linked to a meaningful person or event from the past.

As part of our buying mission, we frequently look for items with stories of their own.

Our Royal Sussex Artisan made Trugs are for carrying produce and flower cuttings safely from your estate (or garden!) to the kitchen. These trugs will last for years and become a loved family heirloom.

The Royal Sussex trugs are still almost completely hand-made in the traditional ways and of course, still in Sussex.

These trugs, have a rich and interesting history of their own...

See more about this rich and interesting history here

2. Invest in quality materials

Many of the items that come into the Repair Shop are battered, torn and bent; apparently beyond repair.

On most occasions, they have stood up so long to the test of time due to the use of good quality materials in the first place, with plastic not being much in abundance here.

By purchasing pieces made from quality materials, not only do you increase an item's longevity, you can pass it down through the generations.

Waxed canvas is the perfect material for gardening bags, log carriers and as storage in the shed as it is water and stain resistant. Our Waxed Canvas bags will actually look even more beautiful with more use!

They are so easy to maintain with specialist products - use use the Wax Canvas Cleaner to keep them in tip top condition!

3. Artisan skills are priceless
The artisans on "The Repair Shop" employ seemingly long lost techniques that blow us away each episode. Their extensive knowledge of the materials used and the methodical, patient approach to repairs is an essential part of the fascination the programme produces.

Hand made in the UK from heavy duty leather, our gorgeous gardening accessories are perfect presents.

Keep tools safe and to hand with the tool roll apron, and the kneeler and knee pads ensure comfort when planting borders.

With the right care, these lovely leather pieces will last a lifetime!

4. Use the right tools for the job
As the experts show us their mending secrets each week, one thing is clear; use the right tools for the job. Gardening is no exception. Using the best tools can make life so much easier.

Once found, why not pass that knowledge down to a budding gardener?

Specialist tools make for perfect presents for the gardener who has everything - for example, the Japanese Razor Hoe is the one tool they might not have considered, but won't be able to live without.

These thoughtful gift ideas are amongst a great selection and make the most laborious jobs that bit easier.

Why not take a look at our Eco Soil Blockers or Perennial Spade - both loved by Gardeners World hosts Monty Don and Adam Frost!

Our Potato Scoops make quick work of a time consuming job and plant to perfection with our Seed Spacing Ruler and Dibblet Set.

5. Repair, don't dispose!

In today's disposable age you could perhaps consider a old and somewhat novel approach - rather than throwing away your tools that have seen better days, why not take inspiration from those artisan makers and revitalise the pieces yourself?

Clean, mean and pristine - keep your tools in prime condition ready for use any time.

Good quality tools should last a lifetime and will work so much more effectively when they are kept in good condition, and having the right tool to do the job will make all the difference.

Keep your tools rust free with the White Tool Oil, and handles in top condition with the Beeswax Wood Care. Stay sharp with the Sharpening Stone or Sharpening Block.

6. Invest in pieces that will last

When it comes to outdoor furniture, it can be a large investment. But we believe buying less often and buying better is the best policy. With the right care and attention, these pieces should last a lifetime.

Most of our furniture is made by craftsmen and is the type often found in flea markets decades later! We are the UK's leading supplier of Fermob outdoor furniture, some of which is still made by artisan blacksmiths bending metal drawn from a forge.

For your Fermob furniture, there are spray paints and touch up paint pens available, to fill in any small scratches or to respray table tops.

We also have a specialist teak and upholstery cleaner, to keep your furniture in top condition.

With some of our furniture brands, it's possible to replace individual parts should they become broken.

Unfortunately The Repair Shop still doesn't teach us how on earth to remember all 360 pieces of a clock in sequence, but there is so much more to learn.

So why not gift wisely this Christmas, with pieces that will last and can be handed down through your family for years to come?


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