Cedar Roof Oval Gazebos

by Forest Garden

Beautifully made, with a large capacity, they are perfect for more commercial ventures. read more
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This 5.1m Oval Wooden Gazebo with benches is ideal if you are looking for a different type of structure with extra space.

Suitable for sports clubs, hotels, restaurants and wedding venues, these Gazebos come with 7 bench seats that can comfortably seat up to 22 adults or 29 children.

The 6m gazebo can seat up to 27 adults or 34 children comfortably with the set of 7 bench seats

They are fully installation making these spacious structures an easy, affordable option.

The base is hexagonal but is stretched in the middle section to give an overall oval impression.

If you want added protection from the sun or a light shower, a set of 8 roll-down curtains in a choice of 3 colours are available to purchase separately see here.

Western Red Cedar shingles are hand cut to size and fitted around the roof – placed on top of a water-proof Tricoya lining.

The tiles are red in colour and give the Gazebo an elegant, contemporary look.

The substantial uprights are secured to the base that features profiled deck boards, while at the top steel brackets secure them to the perimeter frame, giving the gazebo strength and rigidity.

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