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Ideas & Enthusiasm

Design For The People is passionate about lighting design that is pared-back but also extraordinary, featuring a range of designer lamps that are innovative but also classic in essence. Design For The People is guided by a vision to create beautiful products at a price that everyone can afford. Each lamp is developed by a number of Danish designers who endeavour to create eye-catching pieces with a Nordic twist, while also capturing the same functionality that can be found everywhere in Danish design heritage.

'Looks good, effective lighting.' Feefo review of Canto Maxi Up/Down Wall Lamp by customer

Design For The People is part of the Nordlux family, so you can be sure that these lamps will be manufactured to the same quality and standards as all Nordlux products.

The Design For The People range features a huge variety of designs, from minimalist looking lamps such as Front or Canto, to futuristic lamps such as the Edge. and more Scandinavian-traditional lamps such as the Fredensborgwall light. Wall lamps such as the Fold and Canto have different light filters that let you focus light in different ways.

Beauty & Functionality Hand-in-Hand

Do not hesitate to contact us if you are looking for a specific style of lamp - we would be more than happy to send some recommendations your way! Our telephone number is 0345 605 2505, or email us at if that is what you would prefer.

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