Hedgehog Highway Habitat Set

Hedgehog Highway Habitat Set (7165424369724)
  • £49.95
All roads lead home, safety first for Hedgehogs. read more
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Show your friendly garden hedgehog how to go home safely and travel round garden without any fears with this hedgehog highway habitat set. The set comprises a steel hedgehog sign which allows your garden hedgehogs to roam freely by creating a wildlife corridor between your and your neighbours gardens.

A cosy hedgehog house for hedgehogs to hibernate in safely during the winter months, and a nourishing bag of hedgehog food, for them to devour before and after the hibernation months.

And of course a practical snack bowl to pop the food in.

If you would like to order more than one hedgehog highway sign for your garden to make a slick dual carriageway, additional ones can be ordered.

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