Butterfly Flower Seed Mats

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Easy way to plant flowers to attract butterflies to your outdoor space. read more
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Butterfly mats are impregnated with wildflower seeds specifically chosen to attract butterflies.

Simply roll out the butterfly mat on prepared soil, and cover with about 5cm of sharp sand or compost, to secure the mat.

Keep the mats watered during germination.

The mat is designed to control weed growth, allowing the wild flowers to flourish.

The blue seed mat is bio-degradable.

These seed mats are suitable to be planted all year round, although you may not see your first flowers until spring. The seed mat contains a mixture of perennial, annual and biennial seeds and are best sown in February to June for flowers throughout Summer.

At the end of the growing season, if the flowers are left to die back naturally and go to seed, they will provide food and shelter to other garden wildlife.

These mats can be easily cut to size to fit pots or planters.

A Bee Seed Mat is also available.

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