Transform your backyard, garden or environment into a work of art with the simple tap of a hammer

Crafted in the UK, these bird silhouettes on stakes are sure to bring a pop of joy into any outdoor space. Precision cut and hand finished in premium 11-Gauge Corten Steel in a small family owned UK factory. The design boasts simplicity and is easy to install without any fuss; simply hammer the stake into a tree trunk or hardwood post, take a step back, and enjoy your new garden companion.

UK made. Easy to install. Be the artist.

The Metalbird is made from Corten Steel which will naturally weather to form a beautiful, timeless rust-orange finish. This finish is naturally sealing and does not require any further maintenance. Do not worry, the stake and corten finish will not adversely affect your prized trees if that is where you would like to place your new garden friend. Of course, it's important to ensure that the tree is not too young, too slender in the trunk, or thinly barked. Look for a mature, large tree with a girthy trunk and thick bark for best results. Trees will reflexively seal around small holes made to prevent infection or disease from entering, as Metalbird have learned from consulting arborists! However, if you feel unsure, just explore the world for other spots and spaces.

Metalbird was started by Phil Walters in 2009 as a street art project, where he installed silhouettes of birds around a neighbourhood in New Zealand. This installation immediately sparked interest in these metal birds, as people began to ask if they could buy them for their own gardens and thus Metalbird was formed. Metalbird is now a joy-filled global art project that we invite you to be a part of!