Multi-Use Pure Wool Horticultural Mat

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A beautiful natural product to use to grow seedlings or to protect plants with. read more
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This 100% pure wool garden mat is a sustainable and natural alternative to plastic fleece and fibres. The wool mat can be used in a number of different ways and offers great versatility to the gardener.

Here are just a few of the options this versatile wool mat can be used for:

• Use the pad as capillary matting when growing seedlings and use to grow micro greens and herbs on.

• Use to protect tender shrubs and young plants against frost.

• Wrap it round plant root balls or dig it into the ground as extra nutritional aid.

• It can be used in hanging baskets to provide extra hydration and help prevent drying out.

• Add the wool into your compost to break down as extra nutrition or use it as a garden mulch.

• Wildlife and birds love the natural wool, so leave some out so they will pull pieces off and use them as bedding or nesting materials.

• Of course the wool is so soft and comfortable it can be used to create your own kneeling pad when working in the garden.

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