Turtle Mat

Great British Made Mats Since 1994

1994 was the year Turtle Mat began providing the ultimate protection against dust, dirt and moisture for our floors in the form of both indoor and outdoor doormats. Their extensive range of designs offer the chance to get creative with your mats, as well as keeping your space clean and tidy.
Turtle Mat aims to keep Britain’s home cleaner for longer whilst giving you peace of mind you or your family won’t be tracking muddy footprints through your home.

Engineered to trap more dirt

The robust and innovative Turtle Mats have been developed over the years where each mat has densely packed super absorbent cotton tufts that instantly trap dirt. Not only that but the backs of the mats have an anti-stain nitrile rubber latex backing that will grip to most surfaces and leave no damage.
And with the world joining together to promote greener living, the components which make up a Turtle Mat are all recycled. The cotton topping is made from 100% recycled cotton from the fashion industry, and the rubber backing is made from 100% recycled off-cuts, which would have headed straight for the landfill otherwise.

Beautiful & Practical

With a large selection to choose from, designs can come in the form of cute animals, classic flowers, and all sorts of flora and fauna. The Turtle mats are machine washable up to 40°C, as well as tumble dryer safe which make these mats very convenient for everyday life.

Getting your very own Turtle Mat will last you for years to come, however with the 5 year guarantee that comes with all mats, you know this is quality you can confidently rely on.

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