Autumn Party Ideas

Long nights and log fires

Find further inspiration in this book, which has recipes not only for the perfect comfort foods but for the perfect Autumn evening too. We've chosen a combination will make for a splendid night of cosy, autumnal entertaining. For ingredients, instructions or just more information, this lovely book contains dozens of other recipes, ideal for winter comfort.

Autumn Party Ideas

Pumpkin & Gorgonzola make a Delicious Risotto:

The secret of making a good Italian risotto is to use quality ingredients - fresh butter, best-quality risotto rice and a good flavoured stock are all essential. Roasted pumpkin retains its deep flavour and unique texture here as it’s cooked separately, then added to a basic risotto. Tart yet creamy gorgonzola cheese makes for the perfect pairing.

Apple and Blueberry Tarts:

So simple and quick to make and deliciously fresh-tasting. Use delicious red apples in Autumn at a time when blueberries are in their last few weeks. Both fruits are a pleasure to cook with. Any leftover tarts can be served cold and enjoyed with coffee the next day. Just dust them with some icing sugar and eat them as you would a fruit filled Danish pastry.

Autumn Party Ideas


This comforting, heart-warming drink made from a mix of fruity red wine, brandy, raisins, almonds and various spices, is served in cafes in Denmark and Sweden to cheer up bleak winter days. It has a miraculous effect.