Cane-line Teak

Responsibly Sourced Teak

Teak is a hardwood that is ideal for outdoor use due to its high oil content. Cane-line teak furniture is made from WWF-GFTN* certified wood, which is your guarantee that the wood has been sourced from responsibly and sustainably managed forests.

Teak Weathering and Treatment

Cane-line's teak furniture is delivered untreated. If the furniture remains untreated, the teakwood will patina over time and turn a lovely pale grey colour.
If you wish to retain the original golden colour, Cane-line recommend treating teak furniture with a recommended teak protector. Please note that teak wood is a natural product and therefore continues to change. This means that small cracks can develop due to drying and that slats can warp very slightly.

Teak Maintenance

If you wish to retain the golden colour, the furniture must be treated with teak protector before use and on a regular basis. How often treatment is needed depends on the climate and whether the furniture is placed in a sheltered position, for example under a roof or in a garage. As a rule, if you want this task, teak table tops should be cleaned and treated at least a couple of times a year. Clean regularly with a moist cloth, water and washing-up liquid.

If your teak furniture becomes a little green on the surface, it can be cleaned with a recommended Teak Cleaner. After cleaning and rinsing thoroughly with water, allow the furniture to dry. When the furniture is completely dry, it is ready to be treated with teak sealant. If the furniture has been exposed to the elements over an extended period of time and developed patina, it may be necessary to sand it down with a very fine sand paper after cleaning and before treating it.

Storing Teak Furniture

There are several ways to properly store your furniture in autumn and winter months for maximum protection and to make spring cleaning easier:

1.It is best to store your furniture on a covered terrace, patio or carport, where it is protected from the elements.

2.Alternatively, it can be left outside under a furniture cover. Please note, however, that condensation can form under the furniture cover, which can cause mould and mildew. Make sure to lift the cover away from the furniture to ensure proper circulation and minimise condensation.

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