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Contract & VIP Furniture

Call 0345 605 2505 for advice and assistance - ask to speak to Heather, Marianne or Stuart.

The Worm that Turned has much experience in supplying both Fermob and Gloster Outdoor Furniture for the contract/commercial/VIP market over a wide range of budgets.

We are the UK's leading Fermob distributor and have worked with both companies continuously for over 10 years. Danish companies Cane-line and Skagerak by Fritz Hansen were then added to our furniture ranges and completed some gaps in the line up. We also work with Vincent Sheppard, Westminster and Glatz parasols to offer a wide choice of styles and prices.

Building on that success, we are increasingly helping clients with their outdoor decor and lighting requirements too.

Your Choices

Whatever your requirement, we can help advise on the best range for your situation and whether any additional treatments or manufacturing processes are necessary. We can supply technical specifications and carry out site visits where necessary.

We carry a full range of material and colour swatches. For Fermob items we can supply 3D images of your selection.


For larger projects we can also arrange for samples to be made available for review meetings.

We are used to working with intermediaries, specifiers, designers, architects and end users and only ask that you make clear to us in our discussions the nature and location of the end use so that we can give your client the best advice.

This is particularly the case if the products are to be sited in a coastal environment or by swimming pools.
The more information you can give about a project the better.

Our Work

Our own experience in working for large corporate entities has given us a clear understanding of the stages often required in the procurement process and the need for clear and accurate communication.

Similarly our work with VIPs, their staff and families, means we understand the need for discretion and care when working in their private homes and gardens.

The choices can seem confusing but knowing the strengths and weaknesses of each range as we do, our goal is to find you the best options for your budget and outdoor setting.

Environmentally and Safety Aware

We recognise that there are standards one must keep and we will never be a company that just 'ticks boxes'. We can supply relevant documentation if required and endeavour to make our own independent checks on specific supplier claims.

Quality Assurance

Our background is steeped in ensuring genuine quality products are thoroughly tested for their claims.

We work hard with all suppliers to discuss standards, whether British, European or global.

Technical Information

We can provide technical information and documents for incorporating into CAD processes for many items, please call to discuss your detailed requirements.

Furniture Personalisation

For a personal touch to your furniture, Fermob items can be laser cut or screen printed with logos etc on both table and chairs. Metal only furniture can also be made to any RAL colour beyond the standard colours from the range.

Obviously these processes take longer and cost a little more, but the effect can look amazing - see the image above for Fermob's work with champagne brand, Veuve Clicquot.

With the right lead time and quantity, bespoke furniture can be created or specific modifications made to existing items.


We work with Swiss parasol manufacturers Glatz to provide sturdy parasols in a huge variety of colours to suit your branding. Glatz also offers a screen printing service for logos and slogans, allowing you to customise your parasols even further. Read more about Glatz contract parasols here.

Our Clients

In addition to many gorgeous independent hotels/cafes/bars/shops etc all across the UK, our client range includes:


Office Group

The Tro Group

Nottingham Contemporary

Nottingham Playhouse Theatre

Nottingham Broadway Cinema


Tottenham Hotspur Football Club

River Cafe

Bistro Pierre

Byron Hamburger



Plus leading people from the world of sports, business, politics and the arts.


We are also proud sponsors for Best Outdoor Space at the Nottingham Restaurant and Bar Awards 2018 - find out more here

More Information

For more information on a brand click on the relevant name below:


Skagerak by Fritz Hansen

Please call for information on any other furniture brand you are interested in and we will give our honest assessment of its suitability for your needs.


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