Deck the Halls

Guide us wisely

Christmas is coming and the importance of acquiring the perfect atmosphere can’t be understated. We’ve got three wise ideas, fit for a king, to help you to establish it.

Deck the Halls

Golden lights

Natural light is quickly fading with every passing day, so it’s crucial for the lighting in your home to be just right. Winter is perfect opportunity for you to create a magical touch to the place. String and net lights are a fantastic way of achieving a delicate and ethereal feel and to make any space feel that little bit cosier. LED and battery lights allow you to take that charm outside too. Enchanting wicker reindeer nestled in amongst the shrubbery and outdoor Christmas trees make for a gorgeously classic winter setting. (and don’t forget, candles have their place too!)

Frankly it makes sense

Our Woodwick scented candles not only introduce some warming winter fragrances, they also crackle gently as they burn, giving the effect of a relaxing fire in the background. A mixture of natural and homely scents make for idyllic room fresheners and are perfect for warmly welcoming family and friends as they begin to pile in.

Deck the Halls

A Myrrh-fect welcome

Add some flair to your front door. Stunning wreaths and garlands are a perfect tone setter for the house. Accompanied perhaps by a majestic faux tree, twinkling LED lights and an impressive outdoor candle, welcome your guests in style and seduce the neighbourhood with a magnificent Christmas setting.