Fermob Aplo Lamp

A True 'Lightbulb' Moment

Minimalist aesthetics meets streamlined functionality with Fermob's latest lighting concept, the Aplo Lamp. Designed by Tristan Lohner, this simple light features accessories that give it great versatility so you can let your imagination run wild.

Read on to see how you can use this smart little lamp. This lamp is one to watch and sure to end up in the lighting hall of fame.

Packs a punch

The Aplo lamp is packed full of functions, with two brightness settings and two colour temperature options: cool white (6000°K) and warm white (3000°K). The lamp has a battery life of 7 - 15 hrs, and is made for the outdoors, keeping your outdoor space well lit deep into those balmy summer nights.

The lamp comes in 6 gorgeous colours unique to Fermob.

Secure and Stable

The Aplo Magnetic Base adds security and stability when using the Aplo Lamp on a metal table.

Simply pop the base your table, where the magnet will keep it in place, and attach your Aplo lamp with a quarter turn to secure it to the base plate.

Simple, secure and stable!

Versatility at its finest

The Aplo Lamp is designed with an integrated battery, which means that it is cordless and portable, making it the perfect table lamp, or hand held lamp for some nighttime exploring!

A wall bracket can be purchased for your Aplo Lamp, giving you the opportunity to turn the lamp into an upward or downward wall lamp. The wall bracket is simple to mount, incorporating a 'quarter twist' fixing system which keeps the lamp secure.

Epitome of Adaptibility

The Aplo Lamp Suspension Strap helps you turn your Aplo lamp into a hanging pendant lamp. Hang amongst blooming wisteria, from branches or pergolas for magical place-making.

The strap is made from a durable polyester material, and comes with a simple aluminium clip that lets you adjust the hanging height by looping the strap. The lamp is mounted with a 'quarter twist' system.

Light and Bright

The Aplo Lamp Stand offers a modern take on a traditional stand.

The powder-coated aluminium frame is UV resistant, and stands at a height of 138cm, meaning you can have it placed wherever you need a little extra light in your life.

A cosy reading little corner, a lovely dining table and chairs, or even in your bedroom: the Aplo Lamp Stand can be used indoors and outdoors, and can be moved with or without the Aplo Lamp attached.

More Information...

If you have any queries about the Fermob Aplo lamp or would like to place an order please contact us on 0345 605 2505 and speak to a member of our sales team. You can also email us at customerservice@worm.co.uk.

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