C'mon baby light my fire

Cosy toes and tidy clothes

As the chilly evenings draw in, cosiness and tidiness should be prioritised.
Mess and muck should stay outside with the cold, so we've found some great ways to get those boots, gloves and other porch clutter in order. There’s nothing more enticing than a cosy fireside either, so create a little atmosphere and set up the perfect autumnal evening.

C'mon baby light my fire

You bright spark

As the cold nights frequent, your fireplace will start to get some attention after months of dormancy. Keeping your home and warm and cosy is vital for your and your guests.
These easy to use wax-dipped fine wood shavings will light any fire without the odour and mess of traditional firelighters.
Keeping them in a special tin looks better by the fire too.

..light my fire

There’s nothing quite like a log fire to come home to. Encapsulate that cosy fireside experience as the chilly winter evenings draw in. This new bouffadou pipe in particular is a wonderful way to re-kindle the embers and keep your fire burning.

C'mon baby light my fire

Wipe your boots in style

This oak doormat is beautifully made by hand with oiled oak panels, joined by stainless steel rods and with horsehair bristles, this doormat is a smart addition to any porchway. Perfect for sweeping off dust, autumn leaves and dry mud, a functional and stylish way of introducing your home from a selected range of mats.