Metal Fence Panels - Installation

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Garden screens not only allow you to make your garden space as private as you want it to be, but also form stunning architectural interventions with a classy powder coated or rusted corten steel finish; a truly stunning backdrop upon which your prized peonies will really shine!

Installing your screens

The metal fence panels we have to offer do require some set up, but trust us the effect is worth the effort! The system has been made so that it is as easy to install as possible, while offering you full flexibility to customise the layout of the panels.


The fence post has a toothed tapered end that is easy to drive into the ground. This anchors the post onto which the fences panels are attached using bolts. Bolts are included with the posts. The post has predrilled hole to allow you to easily set up straight runs. Creating a corner L-shape will require some simple DIY. Read on to find out how to do this.



Installing a corner

Creating a corner with your fence panels and posts requires a little bit of DIY. A hole needs to be drilled into the flange of the post at the top, middle and bottom for the bolt to be fed through and fastened for a robust panel construction. Use the pre-drilled holes on the edge of the fence panel to work out the location of the hole to be made. Make a dimple in the flange with a hole punch and a hammer so the drill bit does not slip. Please use a drill bit for metal.


Installing an end cap

Installing an end cap is much the same as installing a corner piece. Rotate the fence post such that only the edge is visible to the front of the panels. Mark out the locations of the holes requires using a fence panel; this will be on the top, middle and bottom. Make a dent on the flange of the post with a hole punch and hammer, and drill the holes using a drill bit appropriate for metal working. Fasten the panel to the fence post using bolts.


Installing on uneven ground

It is easy to install these panels on uneven ground because of the clever post design, saving you the time, money and the huge headache of trying to level off the ground so that the screen will sit right.


The posts can be anchored into the ground at different depths so long as the plates for the panels are level.


Use a garden line with a string level for greater accuracy.


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