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telephone HELPLINE 0345 6052505

Mind The Gap

Designer Wallpaper

Mind The Gap takes their inspiration from vintage photography and quirky botanical illustrations for their stunning range of premium wallpapers. A play on scale, colour and line reimagines what Mind The Gap call 'old stuff' into design and pattern that is modern and vibrant - the vintage reinvented. The ranges we have chosen for you are ones that are inspired by botany and gardens - perfect for your conservatory or any indoor space which need just a touch of flora and fauna.

Reinventing Wallpaper

Mind The Gap has reinvented wallpaper by combining well-loved patterns with modern environmentally friendly printing techniques. Traditional repeat patterns are printed onto a non woven paper base with eco-friendly ink. This means that your wallpaper not only looks fabulous but also does not emit harmful substances into the air - perfect for children's rooms! Mind The Gap are focused on quality not just in product but also in labour.

Mind The Gap wallpaper can be applied to walls with the simple, tradition paste-to-wall technique because of its non-woven paper base. Installation can by simply done by following the instruction sheet which comes with your wallpaper. Visit our wallpaper hanging tips page for instructions and tips. Do not worry if you don't feel confident enough to hang the wallpaper - getting it right first try is no mean feet and we'd always suggest working with a professional if you have never hung wallpaper yourself before.

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