Nottinghamshire Hospice

About the Nottinghamshire Hospice

The Nottinghamshire Hospice has been supporting the people of Nottinghamshire since opening their doors in 1980, providing specialist care for over 9000 patients who have life-limiting illnesses every year.


Nottinghamshire Hospice offers patients complete and holistic medical support, ranging from medical and nursing intervention through to providing for spiritual, emotional, social and psychological needs.

Who do the Nottinghamshire Hospice care for

Nottinghamshire Hospice cares for adult patients, their families and carers who are affected by life-limiting illnesses like cancer, endstage heart failure, end-stage COPD and all neurodegenerative illnesses, such as MND, multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s disease. Nottinghamshire Hospice welcomes patients of every culture, ethnicity and walks of life.


Powered by volunteers

The Nottinghamshire Hospice team consists of 150 staff and 350 volunteers who are trained in specialist palliative care. The team provide services that include Day Therapy which gives patients the opportunity to experience the services that Nottinghamshire Hospice provides, Hospice at Home services, and therapeutic support for families and carers.

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How you can help

Each year the Nottingham Hospice needs to raise £3 million to be able to deliver their current high quality services which means they are reliant on the wonderful support of us the local community. One way you can support their work is by purchasing Forget-Me-Not flowers - a truly beautiful way to remember someone with the added benefit of looking stunning in any home, garden or outdoor space!