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Overseas Delivery outside the UK

We welcome enquiries for shipping overseas. We can and have shipped our products to many overseas countries right across the world, however due to the varied nature, sizes and weights of our products, this sometimes does take a few days more to organise than normal. We need to check the order will get to you in the condition it left us in and that the shipping cost you have been charged is accurate.

Xmas Last Order Dates

For all delivery queries from outside the UK, please phone our help line on + 44 1159482800. We will be delighted to help you.

Please note that our software currently does not allow us to select which products are available for specific markets and since our goods are primarily selected for the UK, we generally have to deal with overseas shipments on a case by case basis.

We reserve the right to decline an overseas order if we believe the combination of items is unsuitable for shipment or the calculated shipping charge is wrong, but will contact you via email to discuss this before shipment and before payment is charged to your account.

Our new 'Capture+' software enables your delivery address to be entered exactly as your local postal company sees it so please use this 'auto-fill' function to avoid any confusion by clicking in the box and altering the flag and name to that of your delivery country. This will then should update the country in our drop-down menu. If it doesn't then the delivery cost might be incorrect, please contact us if this is the case or you don't see your delivery country in the list.

Occasionally our delivery estimate is too high. If our total costs in getting the item to you, are less than the amount charged, then we will make an appropriate refund.

We look forward to helping you with your enquiry and if you have any suggestions to make to us then please do not hesitate to make contact.

Please note that our prices are shown including GB VAT at the current rate. We are investigating automatic Tax Free Shopping alternatives, but at the moment it is administratively difficult to consider VAT refunds for purchases less than £2,000. However please contact if you wish to pursue this or you are a EC based business with a EC VAT number.

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