Alfresco Chef Ember Oven

Experience lush pizzas with this portable, table-top, wood-fired pizza oven - simply perfecto for alfresco cooking! read more

This product is no longer available from our store please see the description section for similar ideas

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Due to ongoing supply issues, this item is not currently available. We will monitor the situation and hope to return the product to our store in due course.

The Alfresco Chef Ember wood fired oven has been designed for the master pizzaiolo and apprentice alike.

The oven is the ideal size for the smallest of gardens or outdoor spaces.

The pizza oven is fun and easy to use, and allows you to make and cook pizzas and other food, quickly and easily with that great, authentic wood fired flavour.

The oven has ceramic fibre insulation and the thick fire brick floor tile in the oven will quickly come up to temperature of 400°C in around 15-20 minutes, so you can cook your homemade pizzas in under 90 seconds.

The temperature is controlled by closing and opening the oven door, and the thermometer on the top of the oven indicates the average temperature. Pizza's can be easily rotated by using the included Pizza Peel (don't forget to use a dust of semolina flour to avoid sticking).

The oven is made from stainless steel and has ceramic fibre insulation. Because of the insulation, the base of the oven does not get hot, enabling it to be placed on any number of sturdy bases without scorching, We tested one on an expensive teak top recently and it was lifted off afterwards without a mark.

Kiln-dried hardwood is essential for use with the Alfresco chef Ember Oven, with the wood cut to the perfect size allowing you to easily feed the fire at the back of the oven as required. See here to buy wood cut to size.

Foldable legs and removable chimney mean the Ember pizza oven can be easily assembled and disassembled making it perfect to be used on camping or weekend away holidays, festivals and parties. Also available is an Ember Travel Bag accessory. When cool, simply just fold down the legs and remove the chimney and pop it in. The removable 'grate' at the back can be safely doused with water to enable quicker cooling of this element.

This is now discontinued, see here for alternatives

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