Aqua Meadow Mix Seeds

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Easy to sow and easy to grow a deliciously, gorgeous wild flower meadow - not just to feast your eyes on, but perfectly delicious for pollinating bees and butterflies.

Aqua Mix annual seeds feature a broad palette of blues, lifted by foaming white and with accenting undercurrents of lime green, with Desert Bluebells, Purple Sage and Scabious

Please note to ensure the best display the ground will need to be prepared as the instructions on the packet - clearing the area of weeds etc.

These are annual seeds so will need to be re-sown for a gorgeous display each year, however many species in the pack won’t reseed at all. But some species will re-seed but in a much more random and patchy way. So if you have a fairly infertile soil or you have very little weed infestation you may get some lovely 2nd and 3rd year displays taking place from the few species that do reseed.

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