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Did you know that you can use wood ash on your garden? read more

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Extremely sensible ash bucket with a good fitting lid to stop the ash drifting out of the bucket when taking it out to empty.

The handle has wood trim for comfort.

Made of metal with an enamel finish in charcoal grey, is a real must for anyone with open fires.

Did you know that you can use wood ash on your garden?
The species of wood you are burning affects the nutritional value of the ash, but most wood ashes contain potassium, some phosphorous and magnesium. To neutralise acid soils you need about twice as much ash as you would lime, so use it around anything but acid loving plants. Mix the ash thoroughly with your soil for best results (allowing the ash to cool first of course!) Tomatoes, in particular, love a bit of ash.

We've yet to try some of these ideas, but wood ash can also apparently be used to: Melt ice
Hide paint stains on paving
Repel slugs and snails - by sprinkling around the plant you want to protect.
Polish silver and clean sooty glass fireplace doors. (It was even used to polish teeth in the days before toothpaste)
Make soap.
Until we try some of these ourself you are best to experiment if in any doubt.

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