Aztec Cube Terrarium

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The Aztec Cube Terrarium is perfect for garden rooms, conservatories alike. Containing epiphytes and succulents which are easy to look after and only require the most minimum of care.

Because airplants and succulents are found in places from rain-forests through to jungle and desserts they are very tolerant of a variety of conditions, making them perfect for urban living.

During winter months your plant will only need to "drink" once every 4 weeks, and around once a week during the summer. To water them simply remove the airplant from the terrarium and place in a pot of water for a couple of minutes. Then shake off any excess water and replace. Alternatively gently mist the plants with warm water from a house plant mister.

Care instructions come inside the box.

The pebbles all come secured in place so there is no need to do anything else except remove the plant from its bag and place inside. The terrarium can sit on any flat surface.

Please note that as they are a living plant each plant in the terrarium may vary slightly to the picture.

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