Composter with Spiral Obelisk

  • £275.00
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This metal compost bin with its spiral obelisk doubles up as wonderful plant support stand. Grow sweet peas or even garden peas or beans around the spiral obelisk. Fill the compost bin up using the specially made waste chute to tip your kitchen peelings into.

Only use the compost bin for green garden waste or kitchen peeling, never cooked food or meats.

The compost will gently compost down in the container, providing additional nutrients for the plants growing around the supporting obelisk.

At the end of the season the spiral can be removed and any compost removed and spared around the garden.

Depending on the outside temperature, the compost may take sometime to compost down, but keeping filling the composter regularly and the worms which work up through the soil will happily turn your green waste and cuttings in to nutrious composter.

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