Connectable Outdoor Christmas LED String Light Accessories

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Our connectable modular lighting sets mean that you can connect many different types up to just one plug and with these useful accessories you can make your set even more flexible for your outdoor lighting needs.

5m Extension - Each connectable lighting set is supplied with 5m of cable to the controller however your first light is 13cm after that so if you have a stretch of garden to cover this 5m extension comes in useful to bridge that gap. Measure the metre distance from your socket to where you want your first light and then deduct 5m for what is in the pack. Divide this by 5m and this is how many extension cable you will need.

2m extension with connectors. This allows you to cover a multiple directions from just one cable as every 20cm has a connector. Together with either the 100 or 300 LED sets you can then light a tree more easily or achieve a 2m wide long icicle effect.

Outdoor 6 Point Ring Connector - If you don't need the connection or the width that the 2m extension gives you, the O Ring does something similar but has 6 evenly spaced connections (5 for light strings and 1 for the plug) which allows you to branch out your lights from a central point with up/down or horizontal lights.

More about what you can do with connectable Christmas LED string lighting here

We have sold out of these Christmas lights but we will have more here soon.

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