DeliVita Pizza Oven Peel/Pan

by DeliVita

  • £64.50
12" Handmade Pizza Peel is the perfect pizza shovel when you want to move the pizza into and out of the oven like a true pizzaiolo read more
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The pizza peel is designed to make handling your pizza from counter to oven, and from oven to table, easy.

Designed for the classic 12 inch pizza, just slide it under swiftly and confidently to pick up, and the reverse to release. Use a bit of flour to keep the pizza from sticking to the peel.

Many cheaper pizza peels are made from aluminium, but this stainless steel model is not only easier to keep clean, it will also be longer lasting, due to stainless steel's different reaction to temperature. Aluminium can get very soft above 400˚C and, as pizza ovens can get up to 500˚C, this is obviously an important consideration!

This Pizza Peel has been specially designed for the Delivita Pizza Oven but can be used with any pizza oven.

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This accessory is also part of the Complete Pizza Set and the Pizza Lovers Set.

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