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Drainpipe Rain Catcher

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Say goodbye to cumbersome and ugly water barrels...

Drainpipe Rain Catcher - 35 litre


Size (cm): 73.5×38
Ref: TW-70307
Weight: 2.12 kg

Not available

Drainpipe Rain Catcher

Say goodbye to cumbersome and ugly water barrels...

This floating wall-mounted catcher is a very green way to collect your rain water in smaller gardens. The Rain Catcher fits to your drainpipe, it allows you collect and store water without taking up precious ground space.

You can collect and reuse rainwater even in the smallest of outdoor spaces.

Ideal for small gardens where space is at a premium, and a green way to water your plants.

The rain catcher has a 35 litre capacity, and is easy to install between on a drainpipe.

When the catcher is full, simply let the water flow out through the overflow.

This has been discontinued ,see here for an alternative Rain Barrel with Flower Planter.

Product Specification

Made with recycled plastic.

35-litre capacity.

Fits on all standard round drainpipes.

The tank fits rain pipes from Ø50 up to Ø80 mm.

Easy to install.

Do not forget to open the tap when it’s freezing!

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