What better way to light your fire...

This firesteel makes lighting fires or gas BBQs easy in any weather. Originally developed for the Swedish Department of Defence, its dependability makes it ideal for gardeners or those that undertake camping/fishing trips as it works equally well when wet. Much more reliable than rubbing two Girl Guides together (and nearly as much fun! Ed. Jnr).
With a sturdy oak handle it is the perfect fire-starter for the Sunday afternoon patio party.
It can be used to light campfires, gas BBQ's and start off the garden bonfire without the need to traipse indoors for the matches. For some kindling why not use the all natural MayaDust to light your BBQ with ease.
What better way to light your fire...

Maya Dust Tin


Size (cm): 0×28
Ref: TW-1083
Weight: 23g

Maya Dust Tin

4 available now

Maya Dust Tin


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