Flame Firebowls

Urban styled corten steel firebowls

Made from corten steel these firebowls are not just a design piece but practical to snuggle round on chilly summer evenings, toasting marshmallows or sausages, or just curling up with a glass of nice Rioja.

Corten steel is a very high quality steel (copper chromium alloy steel - think Angel of the North) which has been allowed to weather - the rust finish not only gives a beautiful antiqued apperance but also gives extra protection against the elements.


Because of the nature of the product, these firebowls will be in a 'natural steel finish' when they are new, see the thumbnail picture at the side.

When they are placed outside the weathering process of the corten steel will begin. It takes takes around 3-4 weeks before the full corten style finish and colour will be apparent.

Because of the nature of the product we would advise not siting the firebowls on delicate or light paving until this process has taken place.

The base of both the sizes of bowls consists of 2 pieces of steel which slot into each other. The bowl then just rests on the top.

Ordering information:

All Skagerak products are supported by a 5 year Guarantee.

Skagerak also produce a range of gorgeous and beautifully made outdoor furniture.

Need more useful help and advice on wood fires, then see the wood fire handbook by Vincent Thurkettle.

A useful accessory is the Embers Rake and the marshmallow fork.

Flame Firebowl - 47cm


Size (cm): Ø47×23×75×47
Ref: MS-1810540
Weight: 6.1 kg

Flame Firebowl - 47cm

2 available now

Flame Firebowl - 47cm


Flame Firebowl - 75cm


Size (cm): Ø75×40×75×75
Ref: MS-1810541
Weight: 10.8 kg

Flame Firebowl - 75cm

4 available now

Flame Firebowl - 75cm


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