Floral Aromatic Tea Gifts

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Taste first with your eyes! Flora was the goddess of flowers and the season of spring in Roman mythology. Her festival symbolised the renewal of the cycle of water and was marked with dancing, drinking and of course flowers!

These Flora Teas are hand tied individual green teas with selected dried aromatic flowers. The flavours include:

Lily Fairy; Green tea with Lily and Jasmine

Flower Lover; Green Tea with Chrysanthemum, Globe Amaranth and Jasmine.

Aromatic Mayflower: Green Tea with Lily and Sweet-scented Osmanthus

Flying Snow: Green Tea with Marigold and Coconut Fruit Fibre

The aromatic flowers are in the shape of a tea ball or heart, which open into a blooming flower when placed in boiling water.

Choose from 3 different beautiful Floral Gifts sets:

Floral Tea Lantern Gift Box: Contains 6 assorted Teas

Floral Tea Gift Box : Contains 10 assorted Teas

Floral Tea and Goblet Gift Set: Contains 1 large glass goblet and 6 assorted Teas.

Please note the selection of aromatic teas in the packs may vary slightly from those detailed above.

Please note these items are currently unavailable, please contact us on 0345 6052505 if you are interested in these items.

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