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This fruit press is a solid, fine quality product that with care, will enable your family to make the most of your fruit trees and bushes for generations. This year we've tried a great 'cooking' apple and pear combination which is gorgeous.

Easy to use and very efficient when used with the Classic Crusher.

2 people can easily produce about 13.5 litres of juice an hour with very little effort.

The robust, cast iron cross beam swings across to one side allowing you to crush directly into the basket of the press. This makes filling and emptying extremely easy.

Simply line the press basket with a straining bag, crush the fruit directly into to the press basket using the Classic crusher (pulping the fruit is essential to get fruit ready to press), then turn the handle to press ready strained juice ready for drinking, freezing or as the first stage in cider making.

We would recommend the coarse straining bag for apples and fine straining bags for pears and pulpy seeded soft fruits. The nylon straining bags are machine washable and reuseable.

The press basket of the smallest press holds about 11kg of crushed fruit.

PS. Don't just take our word for it, the great Monty Don has been seen using one on BBC Gardeners World.

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